New site + Blog


Realized I never updated here! Last month I redesigned my website and began a new blog. The content of the blog section of  my new site will be quite different (and certainly more sporadic) than the stuff I posted here.

Also, check out in the coming months for more Kara-like content.


PS. You can always find me on Twitter and Instagram.


45 Pep Talks


I’m still working on my new site + blog (should be done in the next few weeks!), but I wanted to share a project I just finished up. In early 2014  wrote myself a pep talk every day for 45 days and turned them into a small zine book. I’m selling them for a limited time, so if you’d like one scoop it up here!




Play That Song Updated


Last week I updated my old art journaling course Play That Song with new content for Classes Kara Made. Three new prompts and techniques, along with all the old content and the rad doily journal DIY! It’s only $12.50 and a great way to start or get back into art journaling.

Play That Song

Play That Song Day One


Katie Licht


A couple weeks ago I shared what Manda Townsend did with the Tell A Story class and today I’m excited to share what the rad Katie Licht made with it!

Katie has an iconic collage style that pairs so well with her journaling on the “daily contradictions” she feels most days. I totally identify with this book and love her take on this class prompt. Find Tell A Story here.

Katie Licht

Katie Licht

Katie Licht

Katie Licht




Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

Manda Townsend for Classes Kara Made

One of my favorite Instagrammers, bloggers, and paper makers Manda Townsend is collaborating and creating books with Tell A Story, my latest art journaling class. I’m a little obsessed with her interpretation of this class prompt and couldn’t resist sharing a bunch!

Manda wrote about a bit about her book on her blog (and shared a coupon code!). I will be sharing more of Manda’s work with Tell A Story soon!


New Class! Tell A Story


Happy to announce that my latest art journaling course for Classes Kara Made is available! Find it here.

About the class…

I think writing is a total pain in the ass, but it is the best way to figure out what you think about something. Writing stories is particularly pain-in-the-assy. You have to put all these weird pieces together and connect them in a way that makes sense and is interesting. There is usually a beginning and a middle and an end, and one of those (or, hey, all of those) is especially hard to figure out.

Stories are worth it though. Stories help us understand who we are and how we fit into the world.

These days snippets of our stories are scattered everywhere. On our blogs, our feeds, our occasional journal entries, our phones, our photobooks. Often we don’t take the time to write them out, to think about our stories, and to get the beginning, the middle, and the end in there. Tell A Story provides five different methods of telling linear stories in a mini-book art journal form. Tell A Story is inspiration for five different ways to tell a story — your stories, your family stories, and your inner stories.


  • Unlimited access to private blog
  • 5 Story Prompts/Ideas
  • Explanations and photographic examples of 5 art journal mini-books
  • Email access to instructor

Purchase Tell A Story!

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