I Just Might Explode gets about 25,000+ pageviews every month and combined with Feedly and BlogLovin’ has 2,003+ subscribers. IJME had 8,300+ unique visitors in June 2013. Posts are promoted to Kara’s 1750+ Twitter followers and 445+ Facebook followers.

There are currently two ad options and prices. You can purchase the ads right from this page via Passionfruitads.  Featured Advertisers will be contacted within one week with information about participating in advertiser posts. If you would have any questions or would rather work directly with me, please contact me at kara(@) I ocassionally take on product reviews, so please contact me if you’re interested!

Please note: I only approve advertisements I feel would best work on my blog. I also do not advertise blog or website designers.

Disclosure Statement: This is a for profit blog. On occasion, I will review a sponsored product, but I will always disclose it as sponsored content. The opinions expressed are my own and based on my experience.


“Advertising with Kara through IMJE is always a smart investment for me, not only do I see significant traffic from her site through the sidebar ad, but traffic is also directed through her introduction post, which I feel is one of the better ’round up’ posts offered by a sponsor host. I will continue working with Kara in the future because she is not only a wonderful blogger who I would like to support, but because she is also very professional. If there is a pause in service, Kara makes sure to contact her advertisers to keep them up to date on things. She is a pleasure to work with and I would encourage anybody looking to advertise a handmade shop or blog to contact her immediately.”

Kam from Campfire Chic

“Sponsoring IJME was the best things I have ever done. It was my first time ever paying for advertising and my only ad to this date. Not only did I get a lot of traffic, but the readers of this blog are just amazing. I’ve made so many great connections with bloggers that found me through Kara’s blog and that to me is priceless. I would recommend sponsoring IJME if you are promoting your business, but also if you are looking for a way to become more involved in the blogging community.”

Samantha from Indie and Chic

“I loved advertising with Kara! I got a bunch of loyal readers through her site, even before she said anything about her sponsors. Not to mention how exciting it was to be featured on Kara’s lovely blog.”

Scout from Cardigans and Old Watches

“I sponsored a post on I Just Might Explode in November 2010 and noticed a significant jump my etsy shop viewers in the hours and days after the post went live.”

Elise from Elise Joy 

“Sponsoring I Might Just Explode was a wonderful experience! I was able to connect to a new audience and my blog hits and shop orders increased during my sponsorship. Plus Kara is a doll to work with!”

Jessica from Wayside Violet

“Becoming Kara’s sponsor has been the best decision for my little blog. She has a lot of great women following her, interested in scrapbooking, art journals, and the little things in life, and I’m so glad to have gained their follows as well. Her monthly sponsor features are fun to write, and it really brings a big traffic boost to my blog. I can proudly say I’m a sponsor of IJME, knowing that I’m supporting an independent young woman who’s pursuing her dreams, and actually succeeding”.

Natty from Awkward and Beautiful

“This was my first time sponsoring for I Just Might Explode, and my overall experience was amazing! I was so thankful to discover Kara’s blog because all of her posts are always so inspiring and uplifting. Kara is very prompt in answering any questions concerning the sponsorship, and I also really admired her feature for the sponsors, “A Word From Our Sponsors.”

Jada from Minestrone Soup for the Teenage Soul